Airfoil ICON (ICX) P-Rep Service

Airfoil has chosen to become a validator for the ICON network, and will actively participate in the main-net launch, and eventual on-chain governance.

Core to our business is removing trust from humans by using crypto-native systems and protocols. Where we cannot use an autonomous systems, we lean on our experience to build the most robust and transparent methods possible.

Tech Setup

For security reasons we do not disclose our exact tech setup publicly.

Generally, our team will use multiple front-facing cloud nodes, and then operate bare metal servers privately when security schemes call for it. All private keys are backed up in multiple geographical, and jurisdictional locations and are held with m of n key splitting recovery schemes to prevent single points of failure. It is very important to stress that Airfoil is a security company first, and a staking company second.

Rewards Distribution

Since the main-net is pre-launch, we still don't know how the economics will work out. As soon as the ICON team has published the perimeters and the main-net is live, Airfoil will post our reward distribution scheme.