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Crypto-native solutions for large and institutional holders of digital assets.

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Secure, Monitor and Grow Your Holdings

Operational Security

As a major holder of digital assets you are already a target for high-level hackers. These extremely sophisticated groups are experts at social engineering and are likely already targeting you via phishing, porting, and impersonation. Let us help you silo the risk of your crypto holdings from your day-to-day activities.

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Recovery Management & Keyholding

Hardware breaks, rivers flood, people make mistakes. A solid recovery scheme is a critical component to any digital asset owner’s security regime. Let us help you design and manage your recovery process so you don’t end up one of the millions that have simply lost their holdings.

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Token Evolution & Monitoring

When Apple declares a stock split, there isn’t anything you need to do. When a token declares a swap, a clock starts ticking down for you to take action or lose all of your holdings. Our analysts monitor all token swaps and other evolutionary events to keep your holdings and wallets up to date.

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