Our Mission

To make your digital asset holdings as easy to manage as the rest of your portfolio.

Being your own bank is hard. From authentication to liquidation, there are thousands of different ways to accomplish the same task. It is our job to be at the leading edge; researching and testing the best tools, protocols and SOPs so you don’t have to risk a dime (or a satoshi).

Industry Experience

Every member of the Airfoil executive team has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry deeply for more than 5 years. While this amount of time is laughable in most industries, in the digital asset space we are dinosaurs.

We come from diverse backgrounds both in academics and work experiences. Members of the team have degrees in computer science and cryptography, decades of entrepreneurial experience, and deep experience in the early stage technology venture capital markets.

Our Expertise

Airfoil has been a security company from day one. A basis in security, both digital and physical is the most important function that Airfoil provides. All of the services we offer have been fully vetted, tested through edge cases, and tested personally by our staff. We will never sell or recommend any device, protocol or operating procedure that we do not use personally.

Constantly Evolving Technology

We all know that tech is constantly evolving, new phones and faster machines are released every year, but what we often forget about are the standards and protocols that those gadgets operate on top of. It is our job to stay at the forefront of security and encryption technology to make sure your devices are running on the latest stable spec.

It’s hard to believe, but many encryption standards from less than a decade ago are still in operation, and can be cracked with relatively simple tools in minutes. Our firm builds systems with the future in mind, we think of where the industry will be in 5 years, not 5 months.

Global Service Reach

Bits don’t understand borders very well, but we do. Since the digital asset economy is global and 24/7, we are too. With multiple physical locations and a distributed team, we can service clients all over the globe.

It is imperative that we as market participants realize that this market is truly global, and has been since the first Bitcoin was mined. Our team is actively involved in shaping the global crypto markets not just in the U.S. and Canada, but in Malta, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and Japan.

We've Been In Your Shoes

Our team has significant experience as institutional operators in early stage technology. We understand the importance of things like timely reports and detailed analysis, but we also understand that reputations and other intangible assets are on the line.

We built Airfoil as a firm that we are proud to put our names on, and we service our customers in a similarly befitting manner.


Zach Hamilton

Zach is the Founder and CEO of Airfoil, he also works as a Venture Partner at Hinge Capital. His experience in the crypto space goes back to placing VC investments into Ripple in 2013. He has been actively working with teams in the industry since then.

Josh Stinson

Josh is the CTO at Airfoil, his experience stems from years of operational security consulting for institutional clients in the cryptocurrency space as well as general cybersecurity consulting for large firms.

Join Our Team!

We’re always looking to add people to the Airfoil team. You can see open positions on the Hiring Page, but if you’re great at something that isn’t listed, please feel free to reach out. We encourage you to create your own job here.

Our Partners

Investors and Advisors

Ken Seiff

Managing Partner, Blockchange Ventures

Caroline Cassie

Partner, Blockchange Ventures

Brandon Zeuner

Managing Partner, Hinge Capital

Ryan Swagar

Managing Partner, Hinge Capital

Ashley Tyson

Director of Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives, PolkaDot

Harry Halpin

Advanced Research Scientist, Inria and MIT

Jazear Brooks

Independent blockchain developer and investor