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Airfoil at MoneroKon2019

This past weekend, the Monero comuntiy hosted its first conference in Denver. The event was livestreamed and also consisted of a collaboration panel with zcash at zcon1. zcon1 was held on the same weekend in Croatia. I was invited to speak on the topic of “Network Attacks and Obfuscation of Payment Channels” My slides from the event are available at airfoil.services/MoneroKon2019

The video from the talk is located here: Network Attacks and Obfuscation of Payment Channels

As well as the rest of the talks/livestream are located here for Saturday (6/22/2019): MoneroKon day 1 livestream
The Livestream for Sunday (6/23/2019) are located here: MoneroKon day 2 livestream

The playlist for zcon1 talks are located here: zcon1 Playlist