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Airfoil is Proud to Have Participated in the World’s Largest MPC

The Aztec Protocol has completed their multi-party computation ceremony. Ignition took place from October – December 2019. There were 176 participants from over 30 countries represented. Aztec Protocol looks to utilize a specific zk-SNARK construction called PLONK. PLONK builds off of a similar architecture of another zk-SNARK construction called SONIC. The proving time for PLONK is significantly reduced compared to SONIC. You can read more about PLONK here and here.

Our goal with having Airfoil participate in the Ignition ceremony is to help be a part of the process to bring financial privacy to Ethereum with the use of AZTEC notes. You can read more about AZTEC’s documentation here. Airfoil’s public address/transcipt hash for the ignition ceremony is included below:

AZTEC Ignition Participant #40 | Ethereum Address: 0xf02f630d1f2fac0b6c070b7a02a25d534e87c5ec | Transcript Hash: 0xef86a31d3649a044d42a5db2959f58ff3a4ee014a24e85b066ff449ca35f1b81 https://www.aztecprotocol.com/ignition/participant/0xf02f630d1f2fac0b6c070b7a02a25d534e87c5ec/