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Airfoil No Longer Accepting New Tezos Delegations After Block 743542

As of block 743542, The Airfoil Baker is not accepting new delegations due to over-delegation. If you have delegated to Airfoil after block height 743542, we will not distribute rewards to delegators until we reach capacity for delegation.  This only affects delegators that have delegated to Airfoil after block 743542. As of the current writing of this (18:18:10 UTC 12/20/2019), delegator’s tz1SUYKvym6Q9truzAoEimzo68EiVL5WhvMF and tz1VcqnxedXrHCHNp4xjsvTYtFeb7b8jXymb have delegated to Airfoil after we became over-delegated. These delegates will not receive rewards until Airfoil reaches capacity. Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions.