Your Custom Tezos Baking Operation

So you want to earn rewards in excess of network inflation but don't want to build out a full security and networking infrastructure? We're here to help!

A custom baker might be a great fit for you if you...

Don't want to be commingled in a "bond pool"

Other Tezos baking services build their deposit accounts by offering many different deals to a variety of large holders that wish to participate in the bond. This can add legal complexity for some holders, that’s why each custom baker we run has only one depositor.

Own more than 100k XTZ

While we think it would be great for each and every Tezos holder to be able to operate their own baker, for now, there is a logical minimum size for baking. This minimum is mostly due to hardware costs and operational expenses.

Want special settings or restrictions

Do you want to only offer delegation services to a certain country? Or maybe even offer only delegation services to yourself? We can do that! With full control over your baker, you’ll be able to set things up the way you want them, but not have the burden of ongoing operation.

Want to minimize private key risk

Why hand over your keys unless you absolutely need to? We’ve designed a system to allow you to have total control over your private keys, all while being able to handle the heavy lifting on your behalf. While Tezos does not allow pure riskless staking, we think our method covers all of the bases while not burdening you.

Want to actually earn XTZ, not just keep up with inflation

All PoS (proof of stake) networks rely on inflation to pay rewards to those who stake their tokens. If you’re just delegating your tokens to a service now, you are just keeping up with inflation, When Airfoil runs a baker for you, you will earn the network reward PLUS the fee that is charged to those delegating to you. This can double or even triple your rewards.

Want to be an integral part of the worlds first self-amending protocol

Tezos needs you! As a large holder in the ecosystem, the security and longevity of the network relies on people like you to participate in the network. By launching your own baker, you will be helping to further develop decentralization and resilience for the protocol.

Rewards Distribution

Our team handles rewards distribution per your setup instructions. Whitelist? Blacklist? No problem!

About Airfoil's Tezos Bakers

All of the gritty details
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Dedicated Hardware

Our team has build a custom hardware assembly to handle nothing but Tezos baking. The machines are new, top of the line, and do nothing but bake and endorse blocks for the Tezos network. We also use hardware-based HSMs (hardware security modules) to sign all of our bakings. Using hardware HSMs dramatically lowers the attack surface for hackers.

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DDoS + Physically Protected

Since every baker is public, it is important to make sure we are protected from the wild west attacks of the open web. We use multiple front-facing nodes to protect our baker from any type of distributed attack. Along with software based defenses, our baker is also physically locked down with multiple layers of authentication needed to even get in the same room as the hardware. Even in that room, the hardware is 100% encrypted to military standards.

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Rewards Distribution & Slashing

External delegates receive their portion of the rewards as soon as they are unlocked. All rewards are distributed only to the address that they were delegated from. We use only vetted, open-source software for rewards distribution. If for any reason the Airfoil Bakery is slashed (our deposits are lost) our firm bears 100% responsibility for this and all delegate Tezos remain untouched.

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Total Transparency & Belief in Tezos

One of the most beautiful things about blockchains is that they are freely viewable to the public. Anyone can view our baker’s page on the Tezos block explorer. This page is not maintained, or even editable by Airfoil. We want all of our stakeholders to see what we are doing out in the open. Along with this openness in baking, our firm actually believes in Tezos! We have invested time, resources and capital into building this baking operation, so we have skin in the game just like you.

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We're A Real Company

Unlike some of the baking operations out there, Airfoil is a venture-backed company with an army of advisors, investors, lawyers and friends. We’re in it for the long haul, and you can count on us for transparency and honesty in the operation of this bakery.

Frequently Asked Questions

You aren't alone! See what other people have asked us about baking

How to you manage private key risk?

We have developed a workflow that allows the client to be in total control of their private keys. At no point does Airfoil need to view, or manage your Tezos private keys to run a baker for you.

When under load, funds in the baking account are periodically used for deposits. These funds are locked into the Tezos smart contract and are returned when the baking of a block or endorsement is finalized. A properly tuned baker should only have a small amount of funds free to spend from the baking address, they should either be delegated or serving as a deposit. Idle Tezos is never a good thing!

Please inquire for more details on how we mitigate private key risk.

When are rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed as soon as they are unlocked and verified.

How do you handle voting?

Since we’re on the front lines of the Tezos protocol amendments we generally have a good idea if a vote will pass or fail, we are able to provide insight and recommendations, but at the end of the day your baker will vote the way that you want to, along with all of the tokens delegated to you from the rest of the network.

What are the fees?

Airfoil charges 50% of the rewards generated by the baker. This may seem high, but we also provide the hardware, network infrastructure, security and maintenance totally free to the client. This fee scheme aligns our firm with your interests, if your baker is down, we lose money too!

How does Airfoil attract external delegators to custom bakers?

The best way to attract new delegators is to have a history of exceptional performance (which Airfoil has), but the second best way is to provide baking services at competitive prices. We have found that 5% of rewards is the best price to offer to delegates. The delegations stay full, and the delegators stay happy.

Airfoil will also list your custom baker on our site (if desired) and promote it along with our main baking operation.

Who handles customer service?

Airfoil’s team will handle customer service for all custom bakers.

Get in touch with us

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