Airfoil IoTeX Delegate

Airfoil Services is a company that was built by developers and venture capitalists to serve the needs of the modern venture capital crypto portfolio. Our services include security, staking and any other issue a client with large holdings may have.

Core to our business is removing trust from humans by using crypto-native systems and protocols. Where we cannot use an autonomous systems, we lean on our experience to build the most robust and transparent methods possible.

Tech Setup

For security reasons we do not disclose our exact tech setup publicly (please schedule a phone call if you are interested to learn more however.) In running nodes (or any other software) our team over-provisions with a 50% buffer per machine, and then (normally) two layers of redundancy touching multiple geographical locations. A slowdown or service interruption in one data center will not cause any issue with our architecture.

Generally, our team will use multiple front-facing cloud nodes, and then operate bare metal servers privately when security schemes call for it. All private keys are backed up in multiple geographical, and jurisdictional locations and are held with m of n key splitting recovery schemes to prevent single points of failure. It is very important to stress that Airfoil is a security company first, and a staking company second.

Community Plan

It is our goal to perform not only as a top-tier validating partner for the IoTeX network, but to also stay at the forefront of technology and innovation in the space. Our team is looking for ways to improve staking economics for all involved parties every day, and we plan to help the IoTeX network in every way we know how. Since we are involved in other staking networks, we will bring insights from them, and hopefully be able to help IoTeX learn from the mistakes made by other staking networks in the past.

With most of our clients being VCs, we are in a unique position to educate them on the happenings within the IoTeX universe from an on-chain perspective. Ultimately our decisions are up to our clients, but our clients have a vested interest in seeing the IoTeX network succeed. We do not work with traders, or any other short-term thinkers. We're in it for long term value and so are our clients.

Rewards Distribution

80% of rewards from voting will be distributed to the voters in direct proportion to their votes for selecting Airfoil Services.

20% of rewards will be retained by Airfoil on behalf of our clients. The split that we offer our clients is confidential, but if you are interested in becoming a client, please contact us directly for service options. A portion of this reward stream will also be used for the betterment and proliferation of the IoTeX network.

Frequently Asked Questions

You aren't alone! See what other people have asked us about staking IoTeX.

Are my IoTeX Tokens safe?

100% Yes. When you stake your tokens in the IoTeX network they are locked in a smart contract managed by the IoTeX team, Airfoil does not have any control over your tokens. We are only delegated the ability to validate transactions on your behalf if you choose to vote for us.

When are rewards distributed?

Reward distributions will happen as soon as possible after they are distributed to Airfoil. During the rehearsal period these times may shift up or down depending on the state of the network. However once the network is running on main-net and stable, our  team will implement automated reward distributions.

How do I vote for Airfoil?

To vote your tokens, all you need to do is follow the guide here:

Why should I vote for Airfoil?

The number one reason to vote for Airfoil to validate on your behalf is because our team has extensive experience in not only running the technology behind the IoTeX system, but also experience in working with sophisticated investors. Our firm is backed by multiple VC firms, and is investing in infrastructure to build the future of crypto. We’re a real company, with real customers and employees, not just a few people in a co-working space.