Cybersecurity Training and Implementation for Politically Exposed Persons

As The United States enters an unprecedented period of political strife, those who lead must protect themselves from digital threats from both the private and public sector.

Major Points Covered With Our Service:

Threat Modeling

We walk through who might be targeting you with a cyber attack and build systems that meet those needs. “Right-sized” security is a great method to be sure to protect yourself from dragnet-style attacks without an overly burdensome regime. Security systems only work when you use them, so we build them to be as easy to use as possible based on the threat.

Private Communications & Infiltration Resistance

Private communications are critical to democracy. We work with clients everyday that use fully encrypted communications including perfect forward secrecy. There are many apps out there that offer encrypted chats and calls, but most still retain the option to listen in. We only work with software that is expert vetted, and open source whenever possible.

Device Protection Against Digital and Physical Attacks

Our smartphones are the perfect tracking devices if we allow them to be. What can be a tool for freedom can also be used for control. The power of smartphones is critical to political movements. We need to be careful to preserve our privacy while documenting and disseminating critical information. We help prevent physical device compromise, as well as digital threats.

Network Level Security and Anonymity

Every URL you visit or App you open runs through a maze of “pipes” that underpin the modern internet. Most default settings on our phones and computers will route requests through the method that allows service providers the most tracking. Every website that is keyed into Chrome is not only sent to Google, but also logged by your ISP/Carrier. We use encrypted network level tools like Tor, and VPN services to subvert these mass tracking actions.

De-platforming As Suppression

Have your Venmo or Paypal transactions been blocked? Instagram account not showing up in search? Accounts frozen for some arcane ‘Terms of Service’ violation? De-platforming of political activists is a rampant modern form of suppression. Critical operations require decentralized tools; we’ve been working with and building decentralized tools for years.

Evidence Protection and Dissemination

When evidence is gathered, it must live somewhere digitally. We help build systems to make sure photos, videos, and other forms of evidence are preserved not only in one highly secure location, but in multiple redundant spaces. We’re even building Sarcophagus to allow the selective disclosure of files in the case of arrest or incapacitation.

The Threat Is Real

Make no mistake that the threat of destruction of constitutional rights is real. Regardless of political beliefs, all citizens have the right to protect themselves digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

You aren't alone! Here are some common questions and answers.

What does your standard engagement look like?

Generally, we work with high net worth individuals that are under attack from private threats targeting their cryptocurrency holdings. The exact same tools we’ve implemented for these individuals work to protect politically exposed persons.

How is the engagement structured?

We work with clients in three phases:

Phase 1: Threat modeling and implementation planning (virtual)

Phase 2: Physical implementation and training (1-2 Days, In-Person Only)

Phase 3: Ongoing updates, maintenance and vigilance (virtual)

What are the fees?

We generally charge between $10-50k per engagement depending on the client’s needs. However, given the acute need, we will be waiving all fees for major organizers of Anti-Police Brutality and BLM movements.

What are the other costs?

There will be some minor hardware and software costs that can only be borne by the client. If the client has older devices that modern software is not able to run efficiently on, they will need to be upgraded. Expect additional expenses of $10-50 per covered person per month.

Do I need to be a computer wiz to work with Airfoil?

You do not. However, digital literacy is what will keep you safe. We will do our best to educate clients while we are engaged, but the best path to learning in this field is always self-directed.

There is a certain minimum level of computer literacy that is required, however, we have never had a client that hasn’t surpassed this level. It’s important to know that we are not tech support, and that we will never, ever, have any control or visibility into your devices.

This sounds like a big commitment, is it?

Absolutely. Cybersecurity is not easy, that’s why we are able to charge people to teach them how to do it.

Most of the work will be up front, but in reality it is harder to use secure systems than it is to use insecure ones. This is a price that we all must pay to preserve our freedom. Expect a 1-2 day commitment for training, then a period of a few weeks of learning the ropes of the new systems, changing passwords, giving friends new contact methods, etc.

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