Airfoil Tezos Bakery

Our clients spoke and we listened, the recently launched Tezos baking pool is officially open for delegations and staking deposits! If you are new to Tezos baking, this page will have a basic explanation of how it all works, and we will link to some great independent resources in the FAQ at the bottom as well.


Delegate fee

No Other Charges

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Check For Over-Delegation

Each baking operation in the Tezos network has a maximum delegation capacity. While owners are still able to delegate Tezos to any baker they wish, the rewards will only be paid up to the number of tokens the baker has enough deposits for. Please check the bar below to see where Airfoil’s capacity stands. If you delegate to this address when it is full, no rewards will be accrued. If you have a large holding that you are interested in delegating, please contact us directly and we will walk through the process and options.

How Rewards Are Distributed

We're commited to transparency

When Rewards Are Distributed

It's a bit complex, but hopefully the figure below can help

It's All About Cycles

Cycles represent the main unit of measurement in the Tezos protocol. Almost all operations revolve around these cycles. Within each cycle, there are 4096 blocks, and each block time is approximately 60 seconds. This means that a cycle comes out to just under 3 days.

During each cycle, there are 16 snapshots taken of the entire blockchain. One of these snapshots (chosen at random) will be use to determine rewards for the baking/ endorsement revenue in 7 cycles. After those blocks are baked and endorsed, the rewards are unlocked after 5 more cycles.

This means rewards are available for distribution either 12 or 13 cycles from the initial delegation, depending on which snapshot was used.

About Our Operation

All of the gritty details
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Dedicated Hardware

Our team has built a custom hardware assembly to handle nothing but Tezos baking. The machines are new, top of the line, and do nothing but bake and endorse blocks for the Tezos network. We also use hardware-based HSMs (hardware security modules) to sign all of our bakings. Using hardware HSMs dramatically lowers the attack surface for hackers.

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DDoS + Physically Protected

Since every baker is public, it is important to make sure we are protected from the wild west attacks of the open web. We use multiple front-facing nodes to protect our baker from any type of distributed attack. Along with software based defenses, our baker is also physically locked down with multiple layers of authentication needed to even get in the same room as the hardware. Even in that room, the hardware is 100% encrypted to military standards.

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Rewards Distribution & Slashing

External delegates receive their portion of the rewards as soon as they are unlocked. All rewards are distributed only to the address that they were delegated from. We use only vetted, open-source software for rewards distribution. If for any reason the Airfoil Bakery is slashed (our deposits are lost) our firm bears 100% responsibility for this and all delegate Tezos remain untouched.

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Total Transparency & Belief in Tezos

One of the most beautiful things about blockchains is that they are freely viewable to the public. Anyone can view our baker’s page on the Tezos block explorer here. This page is not maintained, or even editable by Airfoil. We want all of our stakeholders to see what we are doing out in the open. Along with this openness in baking, our firm actually believes in Tezos! We have invested time, resources and capital into building this baking operation, so we have skin in the game just like you.

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We're A Real Company

Unlike some of the baking operations out there, Airfoil is a venture-backed company with an army of advisors, investors, lawyers and friends. We’re in it for the long haul, and you can count on us for transparency and honesty in the operation of this bakery.

Frequently Asked Questions

You aren't alone! See what other people have asked us about baking

Are my Tezos safe?

Since you are delegating your Tezos, they never leave your wallet, you are just assigning the rights to bake / endorse, not to spend.

When are rewards distributed?

Rewards are distributed as soon as they are unlocked and verified.

Can Airfoil increase capacity?

Yes. Please contact us if you would like to delegate a large amount of Tezos and we will increase our deposit.

How does Airfoil vote on Tezos protocol amendments?

Our process for voting on new amendments is based on years of experience investing in, and working with blockchains. It’s our goal to vote in a way that is most advantageous for the whole of the network, and to strive for stability and longevity. We welcome any input from delegates about specific proposals, just drop us a note and tell us what you think about the upcoming vote

When will Airfoil raise the baking fee?

We have no plans to raise our baking fees. It is our belief that as the market matures, the average fee for Tezos baking will come down, we’re just getting there early.